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Passengers freak out, then complain to the FAA after mishearing a pilot’s greeting to a “mom on board” as “bomb on board.”


bomb2The highlight: The airline says the pilot was making a “fun announcement” that the mother of an air traffic controller was on the plane, but Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Brandi King told WCBS 880 that some of the passengers mistook the phrase “mom on board” for “bomb on board.”

Perhaps he shouldn’t have said his mom is “the bomb.” Especially since it’s not 1993.

Southwest Airlines has now implemented a new chapter in the pilot’s manual instructing them not to use any greetings that might be mistaken by the 99% of passengers who are barely listening to what they say. Also on the list: Do not ever say “Welcome to the nuclear theorists we have on the flight today” or “Oh my god, do mai tais make you as woozy as they do me?”

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New cruise tops the list of world’s most expensive vacations at $1.5 million.


The highlight: The trip begins when passengers are picked up from their home by helicopter, and, en route to a London airport, will sample Beluga Caviar that costs £4000 ($6,320) per kilogram and tea so rare it’s priced at more than £2000 ($3,160) per kilogram.

Dinners include such extravagances as fried yak kidneys, elephant testicles and baby seal tartare. Unfortunately, after 9pm the options for food are still limited to cheese pizza and the frozen yogurt machine on the Lido deck.

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Another story about the “Travels of the 1%” discusses extravagant amenities at high end hotels.


The highlight: The Benjamin Hotel in New York has a sleep concierge who assesses your sleeping habits and helps you choose from an extensive pillow menu.

Pillow menu? Reminds me of the time I dreamed I was eating a giant marshmallow and woke up to find my pillow missing. Yes, that was my favorite joke when I was 7. And the other thing to consider is shut up.

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Slovaks May Name Bridge to Austria After Chuck Norris.


chuck-norrisThe highlight: You pretty much got it with the headline, but since it bears repeating: Slovaks have been voting overwhelmingly in favor of naming a new pedestrian and cycling bridge near their capital for 1980s action film and TV star Chuck Norris.

How do they not realize this is a bad idea? Anyone who’s seen Lone Wolf McQuade knows that bad things happen when you cross Chuck Norris.

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