Man, I Feel Like a Woman…

23 Jul

You know, I could write a post every day about something weird happening in China, but that’s what is for.

Here’s one that I felt like sharing, though:


Married man sees doctor about stomach pain, discovers he’s a woman.


Sooooo… a 44 year old man has stomach pain and blood in his urine. When he goes to the doctor, they tell him he’s on his period. And, by the way, he’s a woman.

Wow. Just wow. This is not a case of having both sex organs. Genetically and physically, he (sorry, I have to keep calling him a he for the sake of clarity of the story)… HE was a woman through and through.

He never realized this? His parents never realized this? His WIFE never realized this? If your husband’s favorite sexual position is “scissoring,” you might want to ask some questions.

“Oh, don’t mind that. You know how some belly buttons are outies and some are innies? Yeah, it’s like that.”

I’ve got to wonder if this is some screwed up China male child thing, where the parents were SO desperate to have a boy that they convinced him (and maybe even themselves) that he WAS a boy.

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2 thoughts on “Man, I Feel Like a Woman…

  1. woow… that’s so weird! I can’t even imagine that happening. That’s quite possible that his parents wanted a boy really bad. Poor guy…but I’d love to see how he looks

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