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27 Feb

Since I’m kicking off the blog again, I thought I’d spice things up a little bit. That means adding a couple of new features on a weekly basis.

Starting tomorrow, you be able to enjoy a weekly trivia quiz about a destination somewhere in the world. I’ll be making it a bit more in-depth than just some random questions by including photos and interesting facts about places in the world you may want to visit.

Then, beginning Friday I’ll be posting a weekly travel news summary. This won’t be some dreary summary of news headlines, though. I’ll be focusing on things in the news that are humorous or silly or just plain wrong.

Finally, on Sunday you’ll see the return of Brain Drops. I sorted through old bits I’ve scrawled on napkins since the last Brain Drops in March and pulled out enough for a few weeks. Sadly, some are hopelessly out of date, like a reference to Black Swan’s lesbian scene. So those stay in the scrap heap.IMGP4681

Of course, I’ll also start up actual blog columns again. Because I’m not currently traveling, those columns will be about past travels or opinion pieces on travel issues.


The rough schedule will look like:

Sunday: Brain Drops

Tuesday: Travel Trivia

Wednesday: Feature post

Friday: Travel News Wrap-up


I also wanted to give a shout out to a site run by a couple of friends of mine, Dave Dean and Dustin Main: It explores the latest in news and information about traveling with technology. I’ll be an occasional contributor to that site, which I kicked off with a review of the Kindle Fire from a traveler’s perspective. Check it out here: 

As always, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the new features.

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