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11 May
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With just seven weeks to go until I leave on my round the world trip, it’s about time I follow through on one of the commitments I made several months ago. I promised Jeremy at that I would steal his sidebar tally idea for my own site. At long last, I’m keeping my word.

As I travel, here are some of the metrics I’ll be tracking. Regular updates will be available at “My World In Numbers” on my Route page and I’ll post a monthly update as a blog post.

Days of travel: 0
Days of rain: 0
Sick days: 0

Dollars spent (before departure): $1415.98
Dollars spent (on the road): $0
Dollars earned (on the road): $0

Countries visited: 0

Miles traveled:

by bike: 0
by train: Trips: 0; Kilometers: 0
by plane: Trips: 0; Kilometers: 0
by bus: Trips: 0; Kilometers: 0

Calories burned on the bike: 0

Pictures taken: 0
People interviewed: 0
Blog posts (before departure):
Blog posts (on the road):

Places stayed: 0
Nights without a bed: 0

New foods tried: 0
Times it made me gag: 0 puke: 0
Times eating ice cream: 0
Regional events attended: 0
Weddings crashed: 0

Times I’ve thrown my iphone against a wall: 0
Items I originally packed but threw out: 0

For those interested, my pre-departure spending includes a netbook, refurb of my bike (including new wheels built to withstand anti-aircraft missiles), spare parts and travel gear (the most costly being the panniers). I also included the pre-pay for my blog host & online services like Flickr and Carbonite.

Thanks to a stockpile of airline miles, my flight was free.

Anything else you’re interested in that you’d like me to add? Jeremy has a few fun metrics like “squat toilets used” but my brain really doesn’t want to go there quite yet.

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24 thoughts on “My World in Numbers

  1. I am most certainly glad you’re stealing this. I think it’ll give a great snapshot to those who are wanting to keep up with your travels even on the most basic level. Best of luck in keeping it up! The downside of having a good list will most certainly be tallying each instance of the items happening and staying on track.

    I am really fond of your new foods section, since we’ve discussed the topic before. Hopefully you’ll be able to get out of a comfort zone and eat some pretty interesting things while keeping that second metric at zero.
    .-= Jeremy´s last blog ..Chinese Fortune Cookies Want Me to Travel =-.

    • haha – I’ll pass on that one! Whenever someone asks about travel dangers, I do have to ask them “where do you think I live now?” 😉

  2. This will be very interesting to keep an eye on. Great idea! I’m particularly curious about how many weddings you will end up crashing.

  3. I’m leaving for my rtw in seven weeks too! I want to include something like this on my site as well, but I haven’t come up with a tally list yet.

    What about including the number of vaccinations? (And that will significantly raise the total of money spent before the trip. Yeesh, shots are expensive.)
    .-= Maggie´s last blog ..Axe murderers and other hosts =-.

    • Thanks Maggie – where are you headed first?

      Haven’t thought too much about vaccinations, although I probably should before my current health insurance goes away. I’m focusing on Europe for most of the trip, so there’s not a lot I need right away.

      But you’ve given me a good reminder to do more research in case my itinerary shifts unexpectedly!

    • Thank you Candice – any more suggestions to add? Although I’m a little scared of what you might come up with.

    • Netbook, heavy duty new wheels and panniers were the big buys – over $1000 of it. A couple hundred for online services: webhost, Flickr pro and Carbonite. Rest was miscellaneous stuff.

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  5. We are also keeping a couple of “lists” along the way and one of the best suggestions I got before we left was to keep track of the different beers I have had along the way. 7.5 months in I am up to 41 different beers. And taking pictures of them makes for good memories of different locations. You can see more on my beer and books post here:

    Another good suggestion would be to start a word file with a daily log where you jot down every couple of days down what you did over the last couple of days; who you met, what you saw, etc. It can be a little tedious to do at the end of long week, but it has been really helpful in ensuring that we remember the details of the trip. And if you do it every couple of days it is not hard to do.
    .-= Keith Sutter´s last blog ..The Truth About Travel in China – Part Two: Food =-.

    • Thanks Keith – I love the “beer” idea. There may be something fun there I can play with, even if I’m not indulging in a lot of beer. hmmm… wonder if I could do the same with cookies? 😉

      And for keeping notes, that’s where I love Evernote. I jot them down as I go and upload when I have wifi. Since I won’t actually be using the iphone as a “phone” very often, the battery life will even be reasonable!

    • Yeah, I keep pulling more and more out of my bags before I go. “Extra shoelaces? Sure I might need those!” So, I’m really going to carry them around until I need them in 8 months?

  6. Agreed, this is a cool idea. How about number of water bottles bought. It might be depressing, but if you keep track maybe it will help you figure out how to use less disposable water bottles. I wish I’d looked into water purification ideas before our trip as I hate buying bottled water. We like searching out clean water to put in our water bottles, so you could also track how many bottles of water you “saved” by not having to buy bottled water.
    .-= Asa´s last blog ..Ancient Ruins and More Couchsurfing Adventures =-.

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