Connect With Other Travelers: All-New Freedonia Forums!

9 May

How many times has this happened to you?

You’re in Istanbul. After a raucous night eating Australian vegemite and getting tanked on some unpronounceable Belgian beer, you pay your respects at the porcelain temple, then painfully move on to your next destination.

Image: Nick Farnhill (Creative Commons License) via Flickr

From the train, you sit down and catch up on unread travel blogs and you find out that your college roommate, Mitch Cumstein, was in the same city at an Indian restaurant 50 meters from your hostel. Sadly, you totally missed each other as he sailed off toward Monaco that morning. Wouldn’t it have been great to see him? Especially since his trust fund would have bought you several rounds of drinks?

We now have a solution!

From Acme – it’s the all-new Freedonia Forums. A place to post your meet-up plans and connect with other travelers who are in the same neck of the woods. Twitter and Foursquare are great for communicating broadly and instantly, but this will give you a place to post all the details and allow others to join in the discussion of when, where & who as plans develop.

Add to a discussion, suggest meet-ups in the area you’ll be visiting or just pop in to share a chat with other travelers  in a way that isn’t lost in the ether in a matter of minutes.

Suggest meet-ups in the area or just pop in to share a chat with other travelers

How much would you pay for this feature? $30? Surely it’s worth as much as a Singapore Sling at Raffles!

But no, it’s not $30, not $20 or even 10. For a limited time, it’s absolutely FREE! And, by limited, I mean until people stop using it. Or until so many people use it that it crashes my server.

Events posted already:

Two events up there already – both of which I’m planning to attend.

Our May Los Angeles Travel blogger meet-up is coming in a couple of weeks. The first one was a wonderful time, so if you’re in the LA area, check out the details as they come together.

La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain on August 25th. Based on a suggestion from Abbey Hesser (@ahesser), there is a plan to get a group of travelers together for the world’s biggest tomato fight and party. So far, we’ve got @camorose, @suzyguese, @ahesser and myself on the list. More to come!

Pop on over, check it out and share your ideas! Act now and we’ll throw in a set of Ginsu letter openers for FREE*!

*Ginsu letter openers not included.

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14 thoughts on “Connect With Other Travelers: All-New Freedonia Forums!

    • Thanks Dina – sure you can definitely do that. I figured most people will still promote a meet-up via Twitter, but this gives a place for people to discuss and leave updates (more than 140 characters at a time).

      I’d love if it got used by a lot of people for that.

    • Thank you! With any luck, word will spread outside of our Twitter/Blog community and the site can facilitate lots of great connections out on the road.

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    • Awesome, Joya!! Thank you!! The more people know, the more useful it’ll be so I’m happy to have the word spread!

    • Thanks Andi – hopefully a lot of people will take advantage of it. If nothing else, I’ll post all my upcoming destinations on there so people can join in!

    • Thanks for visiting Craig!

      I set up the forums ages ago (more as a test to see if I could than anything), so it’s nice to make use of them finally.

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