2 Oct
I’ve written before about guns here, and while I don’t like to repeat myself, this one will be a bit different. In my earlier post, I expressed confusion about why “responsible gun owners” don’t speak up to ensure that everyone...
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A Calculated Risk

30 Aug
I’ve seen these types of things float around on various websites before, so I thought I’d share my own. This was an actual answer I gave for a Calculus exam in 1984. The teacher gave me 2 points – which...
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Missives From Malaysia

29 Aug
Another long hiatus from throwing brain belches onto the blog. I thought it was high time that I gave a little update to friends, family and anyone who stumbles here through a drunken Google search. For once, the long gap...
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Erasing The Past

27 Nov
When I was young, I didn’t play with black kids. I also didn’t play with white kids. I just played with kids. Until I was about 8 years old, I honestly don’t remember noticing any difference, whether it was on...
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The Adventures of MicroMort

13 Nov
The other day, I stumbled onto the concept of micromorts. I’d never heard of them, but I found it a fascinating topic and far more logical than I’d first imagined. While actuarial calculations are generally used to compare and estimate...
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Driven Crazy

3 Nov
Predicting the future is a culturally specific talent. There’s no secret, no need for psychic powers. You learn enough about the world and you can predict what will happen next with a fair amount of accuracy. When I was living...
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The Crimson Age of Television

2 Nov
DC and Marvel Comics have both been announcing so many films based on their characters that it’s hard to believe there’s room for anything BUT comic book movies over the next five years. In addition to the films, television is...
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